2014 marks the birth of an association, that in times of crisis, especially in the cultural, finds its driving force in the beauty of the art, in 'unity of purpose and solidarity among artists.

And 'so that Monica Boschetti (current President) along with musicians and enthusiasts founded NOTE MUSIC, an association made up of people who believe deeply in the collaboration, the value of sharing and exchange of expertise as a growth experienc.


Monica Boschetti: "This association is an opportunity for both the young and for established artists, each can support the other or rather - the art can support the art because it is a circuit that feeds on itself. I hope for a great harmony of intent between artists, fans and the public. 


N.O.T.A. MUSIC, National Opera Theater Music Academy is a cultural association that wants to support musical activities, experimental art, promote art among young artists and newcomers, promote the formation through the witness and teaching of great artists and teachers.


N.O.T.A. MUSIC aims to disseminate the music at every level: Classical, Opera, Jazz, Ballet in, in the theater, in the cinema and in all its forms; organize concerts, operas, Masters and support Schools, Festivals, Theatres and share their goals.